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Social Work & Healthcare Recruitment Across The UK

Social Work Recruitment: Welcome

Social Work Recruitment and Training With kids Voices Ltd

Kids Voices Ltd take pride in being a professional social work recruitment company with years of experience in the industry. We are dedicated to coaching and training our agents to the best of their ability and with the best guidance for working within the children's social care and healthcare systems in the UK. Our team is committed to providing the highest-level of clients for recruitment and throughout our training courses. If you have any questions or queries regarding the services we can provide, please get in touch with us to arrange a consultation.

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Social Workers

We can provide social working staff to social services, hospitality, and children’s homes across the UK. We will make sure our staff are highly trained with the best working knowledge of social services. We can also provide a range of highly specialised training courses, to make sure our staff are fully prepared for their career.

Children's Social Workers

At Kids Voices Ltd we understand the importance of children’s social workers and their significance of working to protect the interests and welfare of the children in their care. We will ensure that the members of the workforce have the skills and qualities to do their jobs well. We can provide our staff with support and opportunities to manage and navigate their career as a children’s social worker.

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Support Workers

You can rely on our professional, friendly, and fully trained support workers to provide support and care in your company. We also provide our healthcare staff with the best training possible, so they can reach their full potential. Our aim is to provide high quality staff who can do a variety of different tasks as a support worker, such as cooking, cleaning as well as looking after their health and wellbeing.

Temporary Jobs

Are you looking for part-time work or a temporary contract as a children’s support worker? You can rely on Kids Voices Ltd to provide fully trained and experienced staff for your company, as well as providing them with effective and high-quality training courses to prepare them for this career.

Teenage Support Group
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Permanent Jobs

One of our specialities as a healthcare recruitment agency is looking to place support workers, care workers and children’s social workers in the best environment. We have a variety of permanent jobs available for our clients, and can provide them with the expert training, supervision, and ongoing support necessary.

Social Worker Training Courses

Our professional social worker training courses provide clients with direct social work practice and skills development. We take pride in developing our client’s knowledge and skills to help support the education and training of others, whether this is in a children’s home, hospitality or another support working environment. We will make sure that each client receives the best training alongside a strong understanding of the UK social work systems with ongoing support.

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Social Work Recruitment: Services

Contact Kids Voices Ltd for Social Work Recruitment and Support Workers

24 Holborn Viaduct

London, EC1A 2BN


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